The Transition

This gitbook describes a protocol-based economic system which could be used as a leverage point for addressing looming ecological and social challenges. Widespread adoption of a novel social coordination protocol which achieves the stated objectives would induce a systemic impact with enormous benefits for social and environmental wellbeing.

The proposed protocol, provides a viable path to recover from the degraded state of human economic activities, by guiding it back towards prosocial coordination, regenerating abundance and the fulfilment of wellbeing, while restoring harmony between people and the planet.

This transition system is familiar enough to the global economy that anyone who agrees with the proposed economic rules can opt in when ready. It enables a piecewise, smooth transition without having to isolate oneself from society.

The protocol serves as a trustworthy infrastructure for connecting people, communities, foundations and sustainability initiatives together in a new economic grid where fair trade, wellbeing, prosociality and regeneration are the basis.

Participants who engage in this new economy can trust in fair indirect reciprocity - that everyone else who participates will be bound by the same set of rules and be rewarded in the same manner for their contributions. Communities everywhere can nucleate alone but then merge when they are ready; and the contributions across communities will be fungible. By coming together around a protocol, a coordinated transition becomes possible with much greater breadth and speed.

Realising the Transition

A socio-economic transition is necessary to be able to preserve our planet and the precious life within it, including the human civilisation.

Novel economic protocols, rethought in the interconnected age and built upon the newfound possibilities offered by the world wide web and the emergent technologies, might be one of the catalysing factors for the transition to the next stage in human social coordination. There is much work to be done for the emergent social change to manifest in real communities around the globe. If you are willing to commit resources to co-create and bring this new economic paradigm to life, you are invited to join this endeavour and become an active catalyst of change. All forms of capitals to sustain and accelerate this endeavour are welcome.

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