Slicing the Pie

A prosocial coordination protocol for the people and the planet

For any proposed system to be holistic, it should contain everything within itself. That's "the pie".

To deal with complexity, humans tend to categorise things, to put them in separate buckets. This is counter intuitive in a complex adaptable systems such as life and societies, where everything is actually heavily interconnected.

As the expression goes, there are many ways of slicing a pie!

Instead of picking one incomplete framework or another, we should be able to propose a selection of "views" to the activities, which are able to slice the pie exactly how we like it.

For instance, we could use the wisdom wheel, dividing everything into its current phase of progress, or to use the moon phase to time coordination.

A widely used framework is the permaculture flower, slicing the pie in 7 petals:

Hodgson, proposes a world model subdivided in 12 categories.

Barbara Marx Hubbard also uses 12 sector in her wheel of co-creation, with added focus on the human and cultural aspects of society.

The key factor is that these frameworks is that each category is to be interpreted as highly correlated to each other. A change in one has repercussions in all others, which need to be observed and taken into consideration in the regenerative design.

The protocol should allow for any frameworks to be considered as "lenses" looking at a complex and interrelated system, where any project or initiative can map into any of the frameworks above and beyond the one listed here.

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