The Objectives

The core economic rules are like the DNA for a large component of our collective social and economic behaviour. A minor, well-crafted change in this DNA would yield immense transformation of the emergent social behaviour and impact of our species - reshaping our social relations, our economic output, and our collective impact on the planet.

This document outlines an holonic, peer-to-peer social coordination protocol. Its core rules are designed to emergently fulfil the following objectives:

  • Facilitate prosocial coordination, favouring co-creation and collaboration over competition

  • Fulfil psycho-physiological needs, ensuring wellbeing for all humans

  • Regenerate the planetary resource ecology, attaining widespread abundance

  • Remain viable across locations and through time, respecting the local and global boundary conditions of place and planet

To realise such a design without falling into the trap of reinventing the prevailing macroeconomic system, we must begin from a clean set of fundamental assumptions. To this end we adopt a tabula rasa approach, where we start by revising our assumptions about our relationship with the world.

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